Jummy is such a wonderful pup, confident, curious, quick to learn, and exceptionally well behaved. Nothing seems to faze him. He’s growing like crazy and really getting his legs under him. I must get some good photos before he is too much bigger, and I will be sure to forward some along to you. We are all so happy with him, he’s an incredible dog, thank you.

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Phil Hans

Jacksonville, FL

We were very impressed with English Bulldog Puppies. After phone conversations, we decided to have puppy from them. We are very satisfied with the whole process though we were scared initially. We were not in good shape emotionally after losing out beloved Maltese. I will never forget how compassionate Adorable Maltese Puppies was with us.

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Brooklyn, NY

Queeny is a love who enjoys her toys, is so affectionate and it’s a hoot to see her playing with her big brother, chowchow, Zingfu. Again Beautiful Maltese Puppies, thank you for everything.

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Hacienda Heights, CA

It’s been around 7 months since we got a puppy and he is a joy! He’s an adorable dog and it’s been my pleasure to own him as well as the family. Thank you for blessing me and my family with this wonderful dog!

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Mr. Billy and Family

Santa Clara, CA

After conducting much research a few years ago regarding the Maltese breed and breeders, we discovered there were significant and stark differences between breeders which shows up in the puppies that are produced. We chose Beautiful Maltese to provide us with a male puppy, we recently ask them to ship another female to us. From the initial inquiry to pick up and beyond, Beautiful French Bulldog Puppies, tirelessly and proudly provides guidance and timely answers each and every question.

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Lansing, MI

Hi, i got a puppy over 3 months ago, He’s doing really well here in his new home. My other dog has warmed up to him quite a bit. They play tug of war with each other, and Barry is able to outlast him even though my other dog is 6. He knows how to come, sit, lay, play dead, shake, speak, and go into his crate on command.

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Louisville, KY